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OPSIDIA is a management consulting firm specializing in providing program design, fractional operations support and technical assistance. Our clients are foundations, nonprofits and high growth startups across the country. 


Racheal Allen 

CEO | Principal Consultant

A Lean Six Sigma certified consultant, Racheal has nearly 20 years of experience managing complex organizations. As Principal Consultant, Racheal provides the strategy for all client facing projects.

Alexandra Ellard 

Project Management Consultant

With 10+ years of serving nonprofit and corporate ecosystems, Alexandra has deep experience with providing strategic and tactical support in the areas of HR, operations, and project management.

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Alyssa Williams 

Project Management Consultant 

With cross-functional experience in program design, capacity building and project management, Alyssa provides comprehensive support for our program design and fractional support practice. 

Kiylise Lowe

Technical Assistance Consultant

Experienced in project management, capacity building, design and implementation, Kiylise is a seasoned ecosystem practictioner. Kiylise supports diverse projects within our technical assistance practice. 

Our Clients.

OPSIDIA is honored to have supported impact driven organizations of all sizes.

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